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Why People Shop Colorado Pawn

Colorado Pawn & Jewelry specializes in short-term LOANS on jewelry, electronics, guitars, fishing equipment, tools & more!

We asked our loyal customers why they come back over and over. Here is what they told us:

  • great prices on pre-owned items;
  • so many unique items;
  • we never know what we will find;
  • friendly staff;
  • clean and welcoming store

Oh, yes — we forgot to mention a selection of:

When Does a Pawnshop Work for You?

The pawn business is often misunderstood. In the interests of making it easy to understand, you may want to consider a pawnshop if:

  • you need a short-term loan;
  • you need emergency cash;
  • you lost your job and have to make  a house payment;
  • work is slow;
  • your pay has been cut;
  • you are downsizing and want to convert some of your possessions to cash;
    • jewelry;
    • tools;
    • musical instruments;
    • cameras;
    • other electronics you no longer use

YOU can turn ALL these items into cash!

Sell them or get a loan at your local pawnshop!

You never know WHAT you’ll find at a pawnshop!

Come visit us and check out your local Pawn Stars!