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“A Well Run Business”–Even a Pawnshop!

  The Pawn business is negatively misunderstood. Where can you go if you need a short-term loan? What do you do if a life event causes you to have an emergency cash need? You have lost your job, and have to make your home payment. Work is slow, or your pay was cut. You are moving, and want to get rid of some valuables? What do you do? You have some jewelry, tools, music instruments, cameras, or other electronics, that you no longer use— YOU can turn these into cash! Sell them, or get a Loan at your local Pawnshop!

The latest TV crave of “real-life shows” has a show featuring a Las Vegas Pawnshop—“Pawn Stars.” This new show has brought the idea of Pawnshops to many American homes. It is entertaining, showing certain characters–Pawnshop employees–whom interact with customers, bringing various valuables and antiques, to try to turn a profit, and raise some cash. It is entertaining, and a little far-fetched, as many items are things like a “civil war canon” or a “helicopter”. Remember, this is for TV!… so it is not the norm. Most Pawn Customers come in with some tools or a wedding ring, looking for $80 to $500 to get them to their next paycheck, or get them through an unexpected life situation.

What can you expect from a well-run Pawnshop? Honest, informative, and caring service. The Pawnshop employees are operating a business that makes short-term loans, or will buy anything of value. Of course, they are looking to make a profit. It is a business. But like all businesses, there are clean, friendly, well-operated ones; and there are those that are not well operated. Just like your local restaurant—some serve great products, with fast, friendly service, while others lack in quality and service. A good pawnshop, will evaluate your items, ask you your needs and intent, and try to make a good business decision—both for the Customer and the Business.

At Colorado Pawn, located at 2275 S. Kanner in Stuart – at the corner of Monterrey and Kanner, beside the 7-Eleven, you will be pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the showroom, and the friendliness of the staff. They have a great selection of jewelry, from a $28,000 Diamond, to a $129 Emerald ring! You can find high quality jewelry at a fraction of the normal Retail Price. Homeowners and Construction workers, can find namebrand tools – such as DeWalt, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Craftsman – for a fraction of the retail price. Electronics, like TV’s, Laptops, I-Pods, I-Touches, Stereos, Guitars, can also be purchased for great prices. Yes, most items are Pre-owned, but can save the buyer hundreds of dollars, and get the job done, or offer hours of fun, at a fraction of the Retail Price.

So why the negative light, and concern about Pawnshops? Because the public has the perception that “if it’s in a Pawnshop, it’s probably stolen or there is something wrong with the merchandise”. Once again, a common mis-perception. Pawnshops are required by law to submit detailed paperwork of all merchandise taken in daily, and have to obtain personal information from every Customer selling or getting a loan, so that if something is stolen, there is a high probability that it will be recovered by it’s rightful owner through the Local Police Department. Bottomline: It is not smart to bring stolen items to a Pawnshop—because you will be caught and prosecuted.

So why is it good to have a well-run Pawnshop in our community? There are lots of businesses that are taking advantage of the recent strong GOLD Prices. State-wide businesses set-up in hotels, or advertise on TV to “bring in your old, broken, or unused gold and jewelry, and turn it into cash!” Some even advertise to send your valuables in the Mail! Many of these businesses are just buying this jewelry to melt down, and turn it into cash. Yes, your local Pawnshop does the same, but they also take a large portion of this jewelry, refurbish it, and then re-sell it to local Customers. Newlyweds, on a budget, can come in to a Pawnshop, and get a diamond wedding set for a fraction of Retail prices! Why? Because, it is pre-owned, and they do not have the mark-up of Retailers that are paying for high-rent locations, and having to pay for the manufacturing and advertising of their merchandise. It’s the same story for electronics. Get a new I-Pod for your Teen at a Retailer for $145 (20GB  at Walmart), or get a pre-owned at Colorado for $85 to $95. They both work the same, but one has been used before. It’s like buying a new or pre-owned car. It’s a much bigger investment for the new, but you can get the pre-owned for usually about ½ to 2/3 Retail. So shop around, and do not avoid Colorado Pawn, it may have what you need, or a great deal, at a fraction of NEW Retail Price!

Check it out! It’s fun, and addicting! Colorado Pawn has been in business in Martin County for over 25 years. They are locally owned and operated, and have a clean, friendly environment, where you can get a DVD movie for $2, an electric guitar for $89 or a $2,500 American-made Fender Stratocaster for $895…. And a Diamond ring that would retail for $4,000, for less than $2,000!! Come see why many locals shop at Colorado Pawn & Jewelry, before they go spend their hard earned cash at the local Mall or Jewelry Store, or a National Retailer! You never know what DEAL you might find at a Pawnshop!

One final story. Recently Colorado Pawn sold a 1.25ctw Diamond Ring to an excited groom-to-be. It had a .78ct Round Brilliant center diamond, and two .25ct Trillion Cut side diamonds. He paid $1,700! A week later, the groom returned, saying that he had taken the diamond ring to a local jeweler, who had informed him that the center Diamond was NOT a Diamond, that it was a Moissanite (A lab-created Diamond). Colorado employees tested the center stone, and disagreed with the customer’s concern, but happily refunded the entire purchase price to this valuable Customer. Colorado Pawn then sent the Diamond ring to a certified GIA appraiser, who provided them with a $4,200 appraisal and certification of it’s authenticity. It now is back in the showcase, with an attractive Price of $2,150! Like any good, well-run business, Colorado stands behind their Products! We thrive and grow on great Customer Service, and by attempting to make every transaction a win-win for both the Customer and their Business! If the Customer is satisfied, and treated honestly and fairly, the business will do well!


Come Visit Us!!.. Check out Your Local “Pawn-Stars!”


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